Research Methodology Literature Review

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Determine the topic, research problem/questions and scope of their research project;
  • Critically select, evaluate. synthesize and cite relevant, credible extant literature;
  • Identify the key points in the literature;
  • Understand the methodology of the research in the literature;
  • Identify gaps in the literature;
  • Establish a theoretical framework for their research;
  • Produce a literature review that is relevant to their research project.

Course Content


  • What is a literature review
  • Purpose of Literature Review
  • What the Literature Review will reveal:
  • Theory theoretical concepts and models within the subject matter/discipline;
  • Methodology used by other researchers;
  • Gaps in the literature.
  • Sources of Literature Review
  • Tips for managing information from sources of Literature Review
  • Referencing style

Criteria of a good Literature Review

  • Checklist for good literature review:
    - Credibility
    - Relevance
    - Authority
    - Validity
    - Accuracy
    - Objectivity
    - Currency
    - Coverage
    - Location
  • Seminal studies
  • Types of literature gaps

Theoretical Framework

  • Research problem/research questions
  • Deriving a conceptual framework
  • Formulation of hypothesis

Generating the Literature Review

  • What constitutes a good Literature Review
    - Example(s) of good writing in the Literature Review
    - Example(s) of poor writing in the Literature Review
  • Writing styles APA, MLA
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, paragraphing, headings, subheadings
  • Tables, figures, images
  • Writing flow, logic, coherence, readability

Recommended Text:

Book Title -: Business Research Methods (11th Ed.)
Author/s -: Cooper, DR & Schindler, PS.
Publisher -: New York : McGraw-Hill.(2010)

Book Title -: Research methods for Business Students (5th Ed.)
Author/s -: Saunders, M.
Publisher -: Harlow : Pearson Education(2012)