Organisational Development and Change

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Describe and explain the steps involved to effectively manage organisational change in different of contexts and settings.
  • Understand different types and terminologies of organisational change.
  • Apply different concepts to understand organisations.
  • Understand the type and significance of various drivers of organisational change.
  • Understand the nature and significance of various impediments to organisational change (e.g. organizational inertia, resistance to change).
  • Understanding of the OD practitioners role as a change agent.
  • Explain organisational change processes from different role perspectives (e.g. change agent, change target, leader, middle-manager).
  • Understand and appy different tools that are used to diagnose organisations as well as interventions used to bring about change through hands-on experience.

Course Content

Overview of organizational development

  • The nature of planned change
  • The organization development practitioner

The process of organization development

  • Entering and contracting
  • Diagnosing organizations
  • Diagnosing groups and jobs
  • Collecting and analyzing diagnostic information
  • Feeding back diagnostic information
  • Designing interventions
  • Leading and managing change
  • Evaluating and institutionalizing organization development interventions

Human process interventions

  • Individual, interpersonal, and group process approaches
  • Organization process approaches

Technostructural interventions

  • Restructing organization
  • Employee involvement
  • Work design

Human resources management interventions

  • Performance management
  • Developing, and assisting member

Strategic change interventions

  • Competitive and collaborative strategies
  • Organization transformation

Special applications of organization development

  • Organization development in settings
  • Organization development in nonindustrial settings: health care, family businesses, school systems and the public sectors.
  • Future Directions in organization development

Recommended Text:

Book Title -: Organization Development , The Process of Leading Organizational Change, 2nd Edition
Author/s -: Anderson, D.L.
Publisher -: Sage Pulications, 2011

Book Title -: An Experiential Approach to Organization Development, 8th Ed.
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