Strategic Human Resources Management

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Integrate effective Human Resources Management practice and policies with organisational strategy
  • Develop effective HRM policies and practices in both national and international contexts
  • Manage organisational change and complexity in a dynamic environment
  • Develop core competencies and effective performance
  • Design and implement work systems
  • Measure HRM effectiveness

Course Content

The nature of HRM and current issues in HRM
Strategic Human Resources Management
Strategic aspects of resourcing
Selection Methods and decision making
Employment and employee contracts
Strategic aspects of Performance
Individual and team performance
Strategic aspects of Development
Learning and Training
Career Development
Strategic aspects of Employee relations
Health and Safety
Industrial Relations
Training and Personal Development
Reward Strategies
Strategic Aspects of International HRM
Managing Diversity
Resourcing in International organisations
Measuring HR effectiveness

Recommended Texts:

Book Title -: The Strategic Managing of Human Resources
Author -: John Leopold , Lynette Harris , Tony Watson
Publisher -: Pearsons
ISBN No -: 0273674307

Book Title -: Strategic Human Resource Management 2
Author -: Jeffrey A. Mello
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Supplemental Text

Book Title -: Human Resource Management
Author -: Derek Torrington , Laura Hall , Stephen Taylor
Publisher -: Pearsons
ISBN No -: 0273687131