Organisational Behaviour

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Understand the foundations of human behaviour
  • Understand concepts of motivation and job design to improve and enhance individual performance
  • Understand how to improve the performance of work teams
  • Analyse concepts of effective leadership and their application
  • Develop effective Human Relations policies for effective performance
  • Implement effective change methods for the organisation

Course Content

Introduction to Organisational Behaviour
What Managers Do
Enter Organisational Behaviour
Contributing Disciplines to the Organisational Behaviour Field
There are Few Absolutes in Organisational Behaviour
Challenges and Opportunities for Organisational Behaviour

Foundations of Individual Behaviour
Biographical Characteristics

Values, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction

Personality and Emotions

Perception and Individual Decision Making
What is Perception? And Why is it Important?
Factors influencing Perception
Person Perception: Making Judgements about others
The Link between Perception and Individual Decision Making
How Should Decisions Be Made
How Are Decisions Actually Made in Organisations?
What About Ethics in Decision Making?

Basic Motivation Concepts
Defining Motivation
Early Theories of Motivation
Contemporary Theories of Motivation
Integrating Contemporary Theories of Motivation

Motivation: From Concepts to Applications
Management by Objectives
Employee Recognition Programs
Employee Involvement Programs
Variable Pay Programs
Skill-Based Pay Plans
Flexible Benefits
Special Issues in Motivation

Foundations of Group Behaviour
Defining and Classifying Groups
Stages of Group Development
Explaining Work-Group Behaviour
External Conditions Imposed on the Group
Group Member Resources
Group Structure
Group Processes
Group Tasks
Group Decision Making

Understanding Work Teams
Why Have Teams Become So Popular?
Teams Versus Groups: What's the Difference?

Types of Teams
Teams Aren't Always the Answer
Creating Effective Teams
Turning Individuals Into Team Players
Contemporary Issues in Managing Teams

Functions of Communication
The Communication Process
Direction of Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Organisational Communication

Choice of Communication Channel
Barriers to Effective Communication
Current Issues in Communication

Basic Approaches to Leadership
What is Leadership?
Trait Theories
Behavioural Theories
Contingency Theories

Contemporary Issues in Leadership
Trust: The Foundation of Leadership
Leaders As Shapers of Meaning
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness
Contemporary Leadership Roles
Moral Leadership
OnLine Leadership
Challenges to the Leadership Construct
Finding and Creating Effective Leaders

Power and Politics
A Definition of Power
Contrasting Leadership and Power
Bases of Power
Dependency: The Key To Power
Power Tactics
Power in Groups: Coalitions
Sexual Harassment: Unequal Power in the Workplace
Politics: Power In Action

Conflict and Negotiation
A Definition of Conflict
Transitions in Conflict Thought
Functional versus Dysfunctional Conflict
The Conflict Process

Foundations of Organisation Structure
What is Organisational Structure?
New Design Options
Why Do Structures Differ?
Organisational Designs and Employee Behaviour

Work Design and Technology
Technology in the Workplace
Organisational Behaviour in an e-world
Conceptual Frameworks for Analysing Work Tasks
Work Space Design
Work Redesign Options
Work Schedule Options

Human Resource Policies and Practices
Selection Practices
Training and Development Programmes
Career Development
Performance Evaluation
The Union-Management Interface
International Human Resource Practices
Selected Issues
Managing Diversity in Organisations

Organisational Culture
Institutionalisation: A Forerunner of Culture
What is Organisational Culture?
What Does Culture Do?
Creating and Sustaining Cultures
How Employees Learn Culture
Creating an Ethical Organisational Culture
Creating a Customer-Responsive Culture
Spirituality and Organisational Culture

Organisational Change and Stress Management
Forces for Change
Managing Planned Change
Resistance to Change
Approaches to Managing Organisational Change
Contemporary Change Issues for Today's Managers
Work Stress and Its Management

Recommended Text

Book Title -: Organisational Behaviour and Management
Author -: John Martin
Publisher -: Thomsons
ISBN No -: 9781408018125