Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Define the marketing strategies of the organisation
  • Direct the marketing effort of the organisation to meet the organisation's objectives
  • Deliver value and customer satisfaction
  • Creating long term growth for the organisation.

Course Content

Understanding Marketing Management
Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
Developing Marketing Strategies & Plans

Capturing Marketing Insights
Gathering Information & Scanning the Environment
Conducting Marketing Research & Forecasting Demand

Connecting with Customers
Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, & Loyalty
Analysing Consumer Markets
Analysing Business Markets
Identifying Market Segments & Targets

Building Strong Brands
Creating Brand Equity
Crafting the Brand Positioning
Dealing with Competition

Shaping the Market Offerings
Setting Product Strategy
Designing & Managing Services
Developing Pricing Strategies & Programs

Delivering Value
Designing & Managing Value Networks & Channels
Managing Retailing, Wholesaling & Logistics

Communicating Value
Designing & Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
Managing Mass Communications- Advertising, Sales Promotion, Events & Public Relations
Managing Personal Communications- Direct Marketing & the Sales Force

Creating Long-Term Growth
Introducing New Market Offerings
Tapping into Global Markets
Managing a Holistic Marketing Organisation

Recommended Text

Book Title -: Principles and Practices of Marketing
Author -: Jim Blythe
Publisher -: Thomsons
ISBN No -: 9781408011478