Investment & Portfolio Management

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Understand the investment environment
  • Develop an investment strategy to maximise profits
  • Utilising derivatives and options trading to minimise risk
  • Develop an investment portfolio

Course Content9

The Investment Environment
Bonds, stocks and other securities
Security markets
Institutional investors
Security regulation and investment ethics

Return And Risk
Rates of return
Fundamentals of portfolio analysis
Mean--variance analysis
Portfolio diversification

Capital Markets In Equilibrium
The capital asset-pricing model
The arbitrage pricing theory
Efficient markets: theory and evidence

Security Analysis
Interest rates and bond valuation
Bonds: analysis and management
Stocks: valuation and selection
Financial statement analysis
Macroeconomic analysis
Technical analysis

Derivative Securities
Futures, options and other derivatives
Derivatives valuation

Portfolio Management
Risk management
Performance evaluation

Recommended Text:

Book Title -: Investments (ISE) 7th Edition
Author -: Reilly/Norton
Publisher -: Thomsons
ISBN No -: 0324658427