Internet Marketing

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Understand the workings of the Internet including hardware and software aspects
  • Develop an effective internet business model appropriate to the needs of the organisation
  • Develop a range of marketing techniques and policies to support internet marketing for global customers
  • Implement a range of practices, checks and control mechanisms to prevent fraud and loss of data

Course Content

Internet Marketing Fundamentals
An introduction to Internet marketing
The Internet and the Marketing concept
Internet marketing defined
Internet technology
The Internet micro-environment
The Marketplace
Organisational characteristics and capabilities
The Internet macro-environment
Social and ethical factors
Technological factors
Economic factors
Political and legal factors

Internet Strategy Development
Internet marketing strategy
An integrated Internet marketing strategy
A generic strategic approach
Strategy formulation
Strategy implementation
The Internet and the marketing mix
People, process and physical evidence
Relationship marketing using the Internet
Key concepts of online customer relationship
Approaches to implementing e-CRM
Techniques and technologies for implementing e-CRM
Integrating the Internet with other forms of direct marketing

Internet Marketing: Implementation and Practice
Achieving online service quality
Planning web site development
Initiation of the web site project
Researching site users' requirements
Online buyer behavior
Designing the user experience
Development and testing of content
Interactive marketing communications
Characteristics of interactive marketing communications
Objectives of interactive marketing communications
Offline promotion techniques
Online promotion techniques
Selecting the optimal communications mix
Measuring effectiveness
Maintaining and monitoring the online presence
Responsibilities in web site maintenance
Measuring Internet marketing effectiveness
Business-to-consumer Internet marketing
Internet consumer markets
Online retail activities
Implications for Internet retail marketing strategy
Business-to-business Internet marketing
Interorganisational exchanges
Organisational markets
E-marketing strategies

Recommended Text

Book Title -: Internet Marketing & E-Commerce
Author -: Ward Hanson
Publisher -: Thomsons
ISBN No -: 0324422814