Intercultural Management

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Understand the complexity of managing organisations in a global context
  • Address the issues of social and cultural differences when operating in overseas countries
  • Understand the role of culture in strategic and operational terms
  • Develop a range of policies and practices of managing organisations in a global environment
  • Organising structure and processes to control and monitor international operations.
  • Develop local expertise to meet the needs of the managing organisation

Course Content

Assessing the Environment
The Global Business Environment
The Political and Economic Environment
The Legal Environment
The Technological Environment

Managing Interdependence
The Social Responsibility of MNCs
Ethics in Global Management
Managing Interdependence

Understanding the Role of Culture
Culture and Its Effects on Organizations
Cultural Variables
Cultural Value Dimensions
The Internet and Culture
Developing Cultural Profiles
Culture and Management Styles Around the World

Communicating Across Cultures
The Communication Process
The Culture-Communication Link
Information Technology-Going Global and Acting Local
Managing Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Decision Making
The Negotiation Process
Understanding Negotiation Styles
Managing Negotiation
Decision Making

Formulating Strategy
Strategic Formulation Process
Steps in Developing International and Global Strategies

Global Alliances and Strategy Implementation
Strategic Alliances
Strategic Implementation

Organising Structure and Control Systems
Organisational Structure
Organising for Globalisation
Emergent Structural Forms
Choice of Organisational Form
Control Systems for Global Operations
Managing Effective Monitoring Systems

Staffing Training and Compensation for Global Operations
Staffing for Global Operations
Global Selection
Training and Development
Compensating Expatriates
Compensating Host-Country Nationals

Developing a Global Management Cadre
Preparation, Adaptation and Repatriation
Global Management Teams
The Role of Women in International Management
Working within Local Labour Relations Systems

Motivating and Leading
Cross- Cultural Research on Motivation
Contingency Leadership: The Culture Variable

Recommended Text

Book Title -: Multinational Management - A Strategic Approach
Author -: John B. Cullen/K.Praveen Parboteeah
Publisher -: Thomsons
ISBN No -: 9780538452960