International Human Resources Management

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Integrate effective Human Resources Management practices and policies with organizational strategy.
  • Develop effective Human Resources Management policies and practices in both national and international contexts.
  • Manage Organisational change and complexity in a dynamic environment
  • Develop core competences and effective performance
  • Design and implement work systems
  • Measure HRM effectiveness

Course Content

Managing Human Resources Today
What is HR Management
The changing environment of HR Management
The changing role of HR Management
Important HR Management issues of today

Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Selected Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
Defenses Against Discrimination Allegations
Illustrative Discriminatory Employment Practices
The EEOC Enforcement Process
Diversity Management and Affirmative Action Programs

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Human Resource Management
What is Strategic HRM
The Strategic Management Process
How HRM Creates Competitive Advantage
HRMís Strategic Roles
Strategic HR in Action: HRMís Role in M&A

Personnel Planning and Recruiting
Job Analysis
The Recruitment and Selection Process
Workforce Planning and Forecasting
Recruiting Job Candidates
Developing and Using Application Forms

Selecting Employees
The Basics of Testing and Selecting Employees
Using Tests at Work
Interviewing Candidates
Using Other Selection Techniques

Training and Developing Employees
Orienting Employees
Trainingís Purpose and Process
Training Techniques
Computer and Internet-Based Training
Managerial Development and Training
Evaluating the Training and Development Effort

Performance Management and Appraisal
Basic Concepts in Performance Management
Appraisal Methods
Appraisal Problems
Performance Management
Career Management

Compensating Employees
What Determines How Much You Pay?
How Employers Establish Pay Rates
Current Trends in Compensation
Incentive Plans
Employee Benefits

Ethics, Employee Rights, and Fair Treatment
Ethics, Employee Rights, and Fair Treatment at Work
What Shapes Ethical Behavior at Work?
Managementís Role in Ethics and Fair Treatment
Employee Discipline and Privacy
Managing Dismissals

Working with Unions And Resolving Disputes
The Labor Movement
Unions and the Law
The Union Drive and Election
The Collective Bargaining Process
Whatís Next for Unions?

Improving Occupational Safety, Health, and Security
Employee Safety and Health: An Introduction
What Causes Accidents?
How to Prevent Accidents
Employee Health: Problems and Remedies

Managing Human Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms
The Small Business Challenge
Using Internet and Government Tools to Support the HR Effort
Leveraging Small Size: Familiarity, Flexibility, Fairness, Informality, and HRM
Using Professional Employer Organizations
Managing HR Systems, Procedures, and Paperwork

Managing HR Globally
HR and the Internationalization of Business
Improving International Assignments Through Selection
Training and Maintaining International Employees
How to Implement a Global HR System

Measuring and Improving HR Managementís Results
Human Resource Managementís Changing Role
Conducting the HR Management Audit
HR Metrics and Benchmarking
Outsourcing HR Management Activities

Recommended Text

Gary Dessler. Human Resource Management. 12th Edition. Prentice Hall. 2010.
Pawan Budhwar, Randall S. Schuler and Paul R. Sparrow [ed.].International
Human Resource Management.4th Edition
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