International Marketing

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Understand the characteristics of Marketing in a global context
  • Understand the importance of social and cultural factors in the development of marketing strategies in the global context
  • Determine the appropriate marketing model in a global context
  • Conducting research for determine marketing mix and strategies.
  • Implement marketing strategies in a global context.

Course Content

The Globalisation Decision
Global Marketing in the Firm
Initiation of internationalisation
Internationalisation theories
Development of the firm's international competitiveness

The International Markets Decision
Global marketing research
The political and economic environment
The sociocultural environment
The international market selection process

Market Entry Strategies
Some approaches to the choice of entry mode
Export modes
Intermediate entry modes
Hierarchical modes
International sourcing decision and the role of the supplier
Global e-marketing

Designing the Global Marketing Programme
Product decisions
Pricing decisions and terms of doing business
Distribution decisions
Communication decisions (promotion strategies)

Implementing and co-ordinating the Global Marketing Strategy
Cross-cultural sales negotiations
Organisation and control of the global marketing programme

Recommended Text:

Book Title -: Global Marketing
Author -: Svend Hollensen
Publisher -: Pearsons
ISBN No -: 273706780