Business Policy

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Define the strategic capabilities of the organisation
  • Understand the impact of the environment on strategic making policies and plans
  • Develop a range of strategic options for management evaluation and decision making
  • Understand and take into consideration factors of change and new technology and its impact upon the performance of the organisation
  • Develop a range of effective policies to guide the actions and behaviour of the organisation in the process of strategic management and implementation.

Course Content

Basic Concepts of Strategic Management
The Study of Strategic Management
Globalisation and Electronics Commerce: Challenges to Strategic Management
Theories of Organisational Adaptation
Creating a Learning Organisation
Basic Model of Strategic Management
Initiation of Strategy: Triggering Events
Strategic Decision Making

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance: Role of the Board of Directors
Corporate Governance: The Role of Top Management
Social Responsibilities of Strategic Decision Makers
Ethical Decision Making

Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis
Environmental Scanning
Industry Analysis: Analysing the Task Environment
Competitive Intelligence
Synthesis of External Factors- EFAS

Internal Scanning- Organisational Analysis
A Resource-Based Approach to Organisational Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Scanning Functional Resources
The Strategic Audit: A Checklist for Organisational Analysis
Synthesis of Internal Factors: IFAS

Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy
Situational Analysis: SWOT Analysis
Review of Mission and Objectives
Generating Alternative Strategies Using a TOWS Matrix
Business Strategies
Porter's Competitive Strategies
Cooperative Strategies

Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Directional Strategy
Portfolio Analysis
Corporate Parenting

Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice
Functional Strategy
Strategies to Avoid
Strategic Choice: Selection of the Best Strategy
Development of Policies

Strategy Implementation: Organising for Action
Strategy Implementation
Who Implements Strategy?
What Must Be Done?
How is Strategy to be Implemented? Organising for Action
International Issues in Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing

Education and Control
Evaluation and Control in Strategic Management
Measuring Performance
Strategic Information Systems
Problems in Measuring Performance
Guidelines for Proper Control
Strategic Incentive Management
Using the Strategic Audit to Evaluate Corporate Performance

Strategic Issues In Managing Technology and Innovation
Role of Management
Environmental Scanning
Strategy Formulation
Strategy Implementation
Evaluation and Control

Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Businesses
Importance of Small Business and Entrepreneurial VenturesUse of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management
Issues in Corporate Governance
Issues in Environmental Scanning and Strategy Formulation
Issues in Strategy Implementation
Issues in Evaluation and Control

Strategic Issues in Not-For-Profit Organizations
Why Not-For-Profit?
Importance of Revenue Resource
Impact of Constraints on Strategic Management
Popular Not-For-Profit Strategies

Recommended Text

Book Title -: Strategic Management and Business Policy 10th Edition
Author -: Thomas L. Wheelen/J. David Hunger
Publisher -: Pearsons
ISBN No -: 0131494597