Teams and Leadership - MG 427

Course Objectives

This course responds to the increasing demand of multi-national companies to move from a
traditional, hierarchical structure to a more horizontal one by incorporating teams.
The course is highly INTERACTIVE. Students will learn the basic theoretical principles of
team dynamics as well as the function of leadership and their relevance to business.
Among the topics are: empowerment, team development, conflict, leadership, cohesiveness,
intercultural dialogue, time management.
By studying about teams and participating in an cross-cultural team , students will learn how
teams function and perform. The primary goal of this course is to develop students' ability to
work more effectively in a team setting.

Course Content

Case and contingency theory
Trait Approach
Team leadership article; prepare case on leadership
Introduction to teamwork ethics
Path Goal Theory

Recommended Text:
Thompson, Leigh, Making the Team. Pearson, 2003