Strategic Management - MG426

Course Objectives

teaching students management areas that companies need to address in a global competitive market.
through case studies, lectures, students will learn practical solutions, record the experiences
of those companies already involved in the global environment

Course Content

Companies reponses to globalization : the identification of industries and threats
The corporate internal analysis and the need for a competitive advantage
Managing innovation: how to choose a global I.T. strategy
Global sourcing, competencies: cross boarder mergers & acquisition
Controlling foreign subsidaries: strategic alliances & knoxledge management
Managing diversity, cultural and communication issues for the global firm
Global retailing and reaching the customer
The impact of financial markets integration, managing exchange rate risk
Corporate political strategies, social environmental and regulatory issues
Implementing and monitoring strategies in a competitive and multicultural changing environment
Theory of monopolistic competition & oligopoly
Theory of distribution : the marginal productivity concept
The pricing factors of production .

Recommended Text:

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT an integrated approach, Charles W L HILL/ Gareth R JONES,
Houghton mifflin, 7 th Edition