Innovation and New Product Development - MK431

Course Objectives

A new product launch is one of the most exciting and risky tasks a company can undertake.
In today's rapidly changing global environment, innovation and new product development can
be the key factors for ensuring the long-term success of the firm. From creation of “new-to-the-world”
products to re-positioning existing products, the product launch cuts across the functional boundaries of
the firm and successful product launches cannot be developed without a multi-functional team.
This course addresses how modern companies use the principles of innovation management
and new product development to deal with competitive challenges and opportunities in the global marketplace. .

Course Content

Introduction to Innovation Management
Managing Innovation Within Firms
Strategic Approach to Innovation
Global Product Strategy
New Product Development
Market Research & its Influence on new product Development
Managing the New Product Development
Managing the New Product Development Team
Managing Technology and Intellectual Property
The Role of Technology Transfer in Innovation
Managing Intellectual Property

Recommended Text:
Innovation Management and New Product Development , 3 RD edition, 2003 (Prentice Hall) - Paul Trott