C 303 Organisational Behaviour

Course Objectives

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of organizational behavior.
The focus will be an examination of the individual, group, organizational, and environmental factors
that influence the effectiveness of an organization to achieve its objectives.
Through a variety of in-class lectures, discussions and exercises, case study and research project
students will acquire the necessary knowledge and practice to be an effective team member in an organization.

Course Content

Introduction to OB
The Individual Basic Foundations of Individual Behavior
Ethical dilemmas
Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction
Personality and emotions
Managing emotion; Challenges in negotiating
Perception and Individual Decision Making
How are decisions made in organizations?
Biases in Decision making
Basic Motivation Concepts
Motivation: From Concepts to Applications
The power of stock options as a motivator
Foundations of Group Behavior
Understanding Work Teams
Foundations of communications and the communication process
Ethical Dilemma: Is it wrong to tell a lie?
Basic Approaches to Leadership
Contemporary Issues in Leadership
Power and Politics
Foundations of Organization Structure
New Design options.
Organizational Designs and Employee Behavior
Work Design and Technology
Organizational Culture
Technology in the Workplace
Conceptual Frameworks for Analyzing Work Tasks

Recommended Text:

Stephen P. Robbins. Organizational Behaviour (10th Edition). Prentice Hall. 2003.

Eugene F. McKenna. Psychology and Organisational BehaviourPsychology, Press (UK). 2000.

Philip Gorman. Motivation and Emotion. Routledge (UK). 2001