FI 419 Mergers and Acquisitions

Course Objectives

This is a course in corporate finance dealing with transactions in which ownership of an entire or a portion of a firm changes hands in a single transaction. We will analyze different acquisition types, how the acquisition decision is taken,the deal structuring made and the negotiation process handled. Finally, the actual management of the acquisition work will be covered.The goal of this course is to familiarize the student with the markets for corporate control. The student will become more familiar with the management of mergers, acquisitions,takeovers and buyouts.

Course Content

Introduction - the takeover process
The legal framework
Accounting for M&As and deal structuring
Strategic processes
Theories of M&A; Tests on M&A performance
Target valuation
Corporate restructuring and divestures
Financial restructuring
Leverage Buyouts
Takeover defenses

Recommended Text:

Michael A., Hitt, Jeffrey S. Harrison, R. Duane. Mergers and Acquisitions. Oxford University Press US. 2001

Ernst & Young LLP. Mergers and Acquisitions. John Wiley and Sons. 1994