C209 Principles of Marketing

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to:
acquire the basic concepts of marketing
understand the context in which marketing operates
befamiliar with developing and implementing marketing strategies

Course Content

Marketing: managing profitable customer and partner relationship
Company and marketing strategy
The marketing environment
Managing marketing information
Consumer markets and consumer buyer behaviour
Business markets and business buyer behaviour
Segmentation, targeting and positioning
Products, services, and branding strategies
New-product development and product life-cycle strategies
Pricing considerations and approaches
Pricing strategies
Marketing channels and supply chain management
Advertising, sales promotion, and public relations
Personal selling and direct marketing
Marketing in the digital age
Creating competitive advantage

Recommended Text:

Kotler/Armstrong. Principles of marketing (10th edition). Prentice Hall. 2002.

James Finch et al. Clep Principles of Marketing. Research & Education Assoc. 2005.

Michael J. Thomas, Colin Egan. CIM Handbook of Strategic Marketing. Elsevier. 1998.