Managerial Accounting - FI 412

Course Objectives

To familiarize participants with the principles of management accounting and with their
application to management control and decision making in a modern, changing environment :

The understanding of cost behaviour and cost allocation
Decision making using the knowledge of cost behaviour
Planning, budgeting, responsibility accounting and performance reporting

Course Content

Management Accounting in an organisational context
Measuring and analysing activity costs :
Fixed and variable costs
Measuring and analysing product costs :
direct and indirect costs
The differences between US and French accounting
Managing activities : ABC and ABM
Short-term decisions and constraints : CVP analysis
Managing organisations : performance measurement
Decentralised organisations :
Responsibility centres, transfer pricing
Standard costs and variance analysis
Cost allocations
Absorption costing systems
Variable costing and capacity costs

Recommended Text:

Management Accounting - Analysis and Interpretation
McWatters, Morse & Zimmerman,
McGraw Hill : 2 nd edition - 2001