ISO 9001 Certification - MG 434

Course Objectives

Throughout the world, almost 700,000 organizations have brought their quality management system in line with
ISO 9001 for gains in efficiency . Others have become compliant in response to market pressures due to globalization.
By complying with this International Standard, an organization can satisfy customers' requirements and increase customers'
confidence in the quality of its product or service. As future managers, the students will necessarily encounter organizations
with an ISO 9001 structure
This course will help students to structure businesses against the requirements of ISO 9001,
understand what lies behind words like accreditation and certification; it will also help them to
understand what really means “a quality product or service” in a world wide

Course Content

Introductions and course overview
What is Process Management for quality?
International Vocabulary, Why is this standard so popular?
Accreditation, certification, standardization in a global economy. Documentation requirements.
Organization : mapping the processes of a company
Management responsibility requirements.
Production of services or products requirements.
Purchasing process requirements.
Corrective actions, preventive actions requirements.
Quality audit process : techniques, tools.
Quality audit process in action
Quality audit process in action

Integrated management systems for certification : quality, environment, ethics,
safety, sustainable development.

Recommended Text:
Understanding and implementing ISO 9000/2000.2 ND edition D. Goetsch and S.Davis (Prentice Hall).