Human Resources Management - C304

Course Objectives

Human Resource Management is an integral part of the responsibilities held by managers today.
Many of the activities once in the domain of the HR manager now fall to the line manager,
thus making his or her understanding of the principles and application of basic
Human Resource Management skills essential.
In today's highly competitive business environment the difference between effective versus
ineffective management of an organization's human resources can mean the difference
between success or failure.
This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction of HR
management concepts and techniques used in today's business and non-business environments.

Course Content

The Strategic Role of HRM
Understanding the HRM functions and the changing HR environment.
Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Equal opportunity and the law, discrimination, EEOC, and managing diversity/affirmative action.
Job Analysis & Personnel Planning and Recruitment
Job analysis, recruitment and selection, work force planning and forecasting
Testing and Selecting Employees & Interviewing Candidates
The basics of testing and selection, using tests at work, interviewing employees, other selection techniques.
Training and Development & Org. Change
The training process, training techniques, managerial development and training, evaluating training efforts.
Appraising Performance
Basic appraisal methods, appraisal feedback, more effective appraisals.
Managing Ca reers & Fair Treatment
The basic of career management, promotions and transfers, managing dismissals
Establishing Strategic Pay Plans & Pay for Performance.
How to determine pay, how to establish pay rates, ranking methods, trends in compensation.
The building Blocks of Fairness. Building two way communications
Benefits and Services
Insurance, Retirement and benefits
Employment services, Flexible Benefits programs.
Managing Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
The labor movement, unions and laws, collective bargaining process.
Check list of HR practices

Recommended Text:
Human Resource Management , 9 th Edition by Gary Dressler, published by, Prentice Hall, © 2003