C 211 Business Law

Course Objectives

The course covers an overview of the interaction between law and society,the role of business in the economy, the different types of laws and their relation to government and society and a substantive examination of certain categories of laws.This includes U.S. constitutional laws, criminal and civil procedure, torts, contracts, and intellectual property.Corporate governance, social responsibility, and ethics are examined and integrated into these areas.

Course Content

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Recommended Text:

Beatrix Vohrah and Wu Min Aun. The Commercial Law of Malaysia (3rd edition) Pearson Education Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 2002.

Wan Azlan Ahmad, Mohsin Hingun. Principles of the Law of Tort in Malaysia. Malayan Law Journal Sdn. Bhd. 1999.

Mei Pheng Lee. General Principles of Malaysian Law. Fajar Bakti, Petaling Jaya. 1990