C 212 Business Ethics

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the field of ethics as a rapidly expanding area of study in international commerce, particularly in the light of the globalisation of the marketplace, the rise of international conglomerates and the interaction of often diverse cultures within the same business environment and structure. Students will develop an understanding of the relationships among various parties, both external and internal, to the international company and will gain sensitivity to the various social, judicial,and political stakes involved in international management and decision making. After a general introduction and study of fundamental principles, the student will examine particular problems in ethics and social policy such as the rights of women, environmental issues, workers' rights, discrimination,consumers' rights, etc.

Course Content

An overview of Business Ethics:
Definitions of Morality, Ethics and Law
Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
A Framework for Studying Business Ethics
Ethical Issues In Business
Ethical Issues Related to Participants and functional Areas of Business
Recognizing an Ethical Issue
Applying Moral Philosophies to Business Ethics
Moral Philosophy Defined
Moral Philosophy Perspectives
Social Responsibility
The Legal Dimension
The Ethical Dimension
The Economic Dimension
The Philanthropic Dimension
A Framework for Understanding Ethical Decision Making in Business
Ethical Issue Intensity
Individual Factors: Stages of Cognitive Moral Development
Corporate Culture
Organizational Culture and Ethical Decision Making
Organizational Structure and Business Ethics
The Role of Corporate Culture in Ethical Decision Making
Group Dimensions of Organizational Structure and Culture
Implications of Organizational Relationships for Ethical Decisions
Organizational Relationships and Conflicts in Ethical Decision Making
Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations
Role of Opportunity and Conflict
Improving Ethical Decision Making in Business
Development of an Effective Ethics Program
An Effective Ethical Compliance Program
Codes of Ethics and Compliance Standards
Effective Systems to Monitor, Audit, and Enforce Ethical Standards
Business Ethics in a Global Economy
Ethical Perceptions and International Business
Cultural as a Factor in Business
A universal Set of Ethics
Business Ethics and Organizational Performance
Relationship of Business Ethics to Performance
The Role of Ethics in the Economic Performance of Nations

Recommeded Text:

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