C 306 Introduction to International Business - 2

Course Objectives

This course builds on the foundations set in Business Financial Management One. The course covers various advanced topics in financial markets from the finance director's viewpoint and investor considerations.

Course Content

Investing in long term assets
Review of basics of capital budgeting;
Cash flow estimation and other topics.

Capital structure and dividend policy:
Capital structure operating an financial leverage;
Optimal capital structure;
Distributions to shareholders through dividends and repurchase of shares

Working capital management: (Chapters 15-16)
Managing current assets;
Financing current assets: trade credit and short term financing

Special topics in financial management: (Chapters 18-21)
Derivatives and risk management;
Multinational management;
Hybrid financing: preferred stock, leasing, warrants and convertibles;
Mergers and acquisitions

Options and futures
International investing

Recommended Text:

Brigham/Houston, Fundamentals of Financial Management. - International Student (10th Edition). Thomson. 2004.

James R McGuigan et al. Contemporary Financial Management (with Thomson One - Business School Edition and Infotrac). Thomson South-Western. 2005.