Acting for Business Majors - MG 436

Course Objectives

Communication skills are essential for business success. Most recognised business leaders have
been trained to use their innate talents and natural communication skills to the best advantage.
In this course we will look at psychological and practical aspects of managing your communication.
Techniques to overcome nervousness, fear and confusion will be practiced.
Optimum use of your body - including breathing, gestures, and speech patterns
will be explored. Practice in public speaking and in giving feedback will be an integral part of the work.

Course Content

The Eight Second Window
Breathing and Speaking
Mechanics of Speaking
Breathing Exercises
Pronunciation Exercises
Body Language
Controlling Your Hands
The Road Not Taken
Inflections for Meaning
The Power of Silence
Hand Gestures
Dress for Success
Power Dressing
Fashion and Form
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Overcoming Fear
Manipulating the Environment
Handling Notes and Scripts
Managing Eye Contact
Recovering from Mistakes
Finding Your Place Again
Admitting to Errors
Being Prepared and Moving On
Slang and Culture
Using Abbreviations and Initials
Putting It All Together
Walking like a CEO
Projection and Enunciation
Tongue Twisters
Incorporating Cultural Difference
Accents and Dialects
Career Paths and Impression Management
English as a Global Language
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Recommended Text:
Public Speaking : Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society 4 th Edition. Cella Jaffe. Wadsworth Publishing, 2004.