Business Mathematics - C 103

Course Objectives

  1. Define the different ways in which interest on money can be calculated.
  2. Explain the meaning of simple interest, compound interest, equivalent rates of interest, promissory and demand notes, annuities, perpetuities, capitalized cost, depletion allowance, stocks and bonds.
  3. Undertake the computations for problems of interest, annuities and perpetuities, capitalized cost, depletion allowances, stocks and bonds.
  4. Use the results of mathematical calculations to help evaluate various options in reaching financial decisions, whether personal or business-related.
  5. Evaluate and select financial arrangements, which are best for you as a consumer.

Course Content

  • Whole, Decimals
  • Whole Numbers
  • Application Problems
  • Basics of Decimals
  • Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
  • Multiplication and Division of Decimals
  • Faction
  • Basic of Fraction
  • Addition and Subtraction of Fraction
  • Multiplication and Division of Fraction
  • Converting Decimals to Fraction to Decimals
  • Percent
  • Writing Decimals and Fractions as Percents
  • Finding Part, Base, Rate
  • Increase and Decrease Problems
  • Bank Services
  • Checking Accounts and Check Registers
  • Checking services and Credit Card Transactions
  • Reconciliation
  • Payroll
  • Gross Earnings
  • Wages and Salaries
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Taxes
  • Mathematical of Buying
  • Invoices and trade discounts
  • Single Discount Equivalents
  • Cash Discounts
  • Mathematical of Selling
  • Markup on Cost
  • Markup in Selling Price
  • Markdown
  • Turnover
  • Valuation of Inventory
  • Simple Interest
  • Basic of Simple Interest
  • Finding Principal
  • Rate & Time
  • Simple Discounting a notes before Maturity
  • Compound Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Saving Accounts and Inflation
  • Present Value
  • Annuities, Stock and Bonds
  • Annuities
  • Present Value of Annuity
  • Sinking Funds
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Business and Consumer Loans
  • Open-End Credit and Charge Cards
  • Instalment Loans
  • Early Payoffs of Loans
  • Personal Property Loans
  • Real Estates Loan
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Property Tax
  • Personal Incomes Tax
  • Fire Insurance
  • Motor-Vehicle Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Depreciation
  • Straight-Line Method
  • Decline-Balance Method
  • Sum-of-Production Method
  • Units-of-Production method
  • Modified Accelerated Cost recovery system
  • Financial Statements an Ratios
  • The Income Statement
  • Analyzing the Income Statement
  • The Balance Sheet
  • Analyzing the Balance Sheet

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