BSC Syllabus - Public Services Management

Course Summary

The course aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for employment in the delivery, management and evaluation of public services by public agencies and non-governmental organisations.

The course has been structured so as to provide a blend of theory and practice that will a) consolidate studentsí foundation knowledge of modern public management systems, theories and technologies and their application to everyday organisational operations; and b) provide students with a relevant career development opportunity that encourages the acquisition of knowledge and qualifications.

Course Modules

  • 30 credits - Managing Change and Performance in Public Organisations
  • 30 credits - Public Services Delivery and Evaluation
  • 30 credits - Human Resource Management Strategy and Planning in the Public Sector
  • 30 credits - Ethical Decision Making in the Public Sector
  • 30 credits - Public Services Research Project
Course CodeNameCourse Description
PSM4005Managing Change and Performance in Public OrganisationsThis module critically reviews several theories of organisations that underpin modern public administration that have given rise to pressures for organisational change and performance enhancement. It explores a selection of theories of social change and considers their implications for management in a changing environment. This enables an analysis to be undertaken of possible organisational change and performance enhancement models.
PSM4006Public Services Delivery and EvaluationThis module links the contemporary public sector context (economic efficiency,equity and economic rationalism) to the delivery of public services (direct provision or regulated private/partnership provision) and to the issues of market forces, customer orientation and ethics and accountability, so as to be able to analyse the public services in terms of identifying, assessing and managing client and stakeholder needs and their satisfaction.
PSM4007Human Resource Management Strategy and Planning in the Public SectorThis module examines the constituent elements of strategic human resource management (HRM) in the public sector, reviews the approaches available to evaluate HRM planning and management processes and strategies, and analyses the implications for HRM of legal and industrial relations imperatives.
PSM4008Ethical Decision Making in the Public SectorThis module introduces students to the notion of ethical decision making and provides an analysis of how those principles are applied to a variety of decision making contexts.
PSM4020Public Services Research ProjectThis module provides students with the opportunity to be able to concieve, plan, research, reflect upon, and write a substantial intellectual project on public services, public policy or public management under supervision. The process involves: specifying the issue or problem; identifying a plan of action; conducting research; and preparing appropriate documentation.

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