BSC Syllabus - Marketing

Course Summary

The Marketing specialization is designed to provide Learners with a broad foundation in marketing concepts, practices, and policies. Learners will study demographic, social, economic, technological, environmental, and cultural factors influencing the demands for consumer and industrial goods and services, and understand buyer and seller behaviors. Learners will complete a final written research project, demonstrating the ability to conduct an investigation of a workplace problem, identify an area for intervention, critique, justify, and recommend a plan of preventative action.

Course Modules

  • 30 credits - Strategic Management
  • 30 credits - Advanced Advertising
  • 30 credits - Advanced Retail Management
  • 30 credits - Advanced Sales Management
  • 30 credits - The Dimensions of Global Business
  • 30 credits - Professional and Technical Writing
Course CodeNameCourse Description
BA4040Strategic Management Strategic management is concerned with the processes by which management plans and co-ordinates the use of business resources with the general objective of securing or maintaining competitive advantage. This course provides the student with a general insight into the historical development of management practices and international business policy. In particular this course reviews the developments and literature on corporate strategy and critically reviews the possibilities and limitations of management action in highly contested international markets.
BUS4006Advanced AdvertisingAdvertising is the creation of images, graphics, and imaginative copy that attracts influences and entreats customers to purchase products. The media selected along with the messages created focus upon specific consumer targets (demographic segmentation) that initiates purchase actions for various products and services. Advertising requires planning, media strategies, product brand creation, promotional scheduling, budget preparation, and creative copy and visual design. Media selection and use of benefits selling enable the marketing mix to execute top promotional advertising plans.
BUS4007Advanced Retail ManagementRetailing is merchandising to the general public. Retail Management involves operations,merchandise development, product management, and superior supply chain delivery. The Advanced Retail Management course examines organizational hierarchy, managerial tools, processes, and methods of product distribution from producer to consumer through the retail establishment. The course comprises a thorough review of the latest techniques in retail management including analytical tools for merchandising, site selection, and all phases of store operations and planning. Concepts cover buying behaviors, retail strategies, planning, legal ethical implications, and operation processes.
BUS4008Advanced Sales ManagementEffective selling demands knowledge not only of the business product or service, but also the techniques of dealing with the customerís needs and wants and overcoming objections. Effective selling focuses on the customerís perceived product value and customer need satisfaction. Concepts covered in this course include ethical behavior, sales psychology, buying behavior, prospecting new customers, sales proposals and presentations, and sales analysis processes.
BUS4020The Dimensions of Global BusinessBUS4020 Global Business is the study of international commerce, trade and worldwide cultural/economic influences. The basic components in BUS4020 cover the analysis of the cultural dimensions of social change and values including religion, language, family structure, and societal views on hierarchy. Course concepts will cover global strategy, comparative country selection, operations, finance, trade, marketing, supply chain management and new global challenges.
CS4006Professional and Technical WritingThis course is designed to help Learners develop their technical writing abilities to a professional level. They will learn about audience considerations, style, drafting and revision techniques, how to work in a collaborative environment, and more. A variety of media and formats will be studied, including websites, emails, proposals, memos, and instructions.

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